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Is there a non-surgical treatment for lazy eye?

Yes, if the cause of the lazy eye does not require surgical intervention such as cataract or eyelid drop, and it was diagnosed early, then the use of medical glasses in the case of visual defects as well as eye exercises by covering the healthy eye improves vision in the weak eye, but these exercises must be done according to the doctor's directions to prevent adverse results.

Does the degree of cataract affect the decision to perform surgery?

There is no specific degree of cataract at which a decision is made to perform surgery or not, the criterion is the extent to which the cataract problem affects vision and thus the patient's ability to practice his life normally, such as driving, reading, etc.

What are the reasons of eye dryness?

The cause of the dry eye may be the use of some medicines such as anti-allergies, antidepressants or diuretics that treat high blood pressure, widening the eye opening, or focusing for a long time in a specific work to the point of affecting the rate of blinking, or using contact lenses for a long time, Or some hormonal changes, or a defect in one of the components of tears. The ophthalmologist makes the diagnosis through history and direct eye examination.

Is there a definitive treatment for dry eyes?

Choosing the appropriate type of treatment for each case is reflected in the improvement of the dry eye patient. There are artificial tears of all kinds, which are liquid and sticky, and each has a special method of use. Specified by the attending physician, such as stopping smoking, not using a hair dryer, avoiding places with high temperatures or strong air currents, so it is very important to refer to a specialist doctor to find out the cause of dry eyes and choose the appropriate treatment plan.

What is gas retinal fixation?

Air retinal fixation is one of the methods of treating retinal detachment, and it is done by injecting a small amount of a certain type of gas into the eye socket, where the gas bubble works to stabilize the torn parts of the retina in their natural place, and with time the gas is absorbed and disappears from the eye after performing its task.

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